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Confidential online mental health support for GPs and health workers.

Working in healthcare can be very stressful. Balancing long hours with your personal life feels almost impossible. You are constantly running around, putting out fires, trying to get to everyone that needs your help... but who looks after your well-being?

The stress and overwhelm you feel at work prevent you from performing at your best. On top of this, you might find it hard to "switch off" after work, and bring your stresses and tension to your personal relationships.  There doesn't seem to be any time to pause, breathe, and enjoy an activity.

Asking for help isn't easy.

As a healthcare professional, there are a barriers preventing you from receiving mental health support. You might be afraid that you won't be able to keep your visits to a therapist confidential from your peers. If they found out, you might be embarrassed, worry about being taken less seriously or have concerns about your registration/right to practice.


You do your best to keep up the façade that you are okay, in case your colleagues think that you are emotionally unfit to work. This is exhausting and in the long run can make your mental health problems more serious.

Find relief. Help is at hand.

I offer confidential therapy delivered 100% online via a secure, end-to-end encrypted and health compliant one-click system. As a psychologist, I have helped many people to deal with burnout and overcome the emotional difficulties that arise from having a stressful job.

When you receive the right guidance and support, you start to approach your work with more ease and you are able to relax when the day is over. You can start to enjoy your life and relationships again, rather than just surviving each day.

If you are struggling to cope, please contact me and reach out for support.

Confidentiality Notice

To ensure the highest level of confidentiality, the following points apply:

  • This service is only available to people outside the NSW Central Coast area (where I am located)

  • This service is only available via telehealth -  by video call or over the phone. Teleheatlh offers an added convenience of not having to travel for appointments, the ability to choose a comfortable location and fitting sessions into a busy schedule.


Tuggerah Medical & Professional Centre

Suite 11, Unit 3A,

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Convenient to Tuggerah train station

Onsite parking is also available in the centre carpark.

The building and office are accessible for clients experiencing mobility difficulties.


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